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Hwy 10—Cushing

Morrison County

About this project

MnDOT will improve access and safety on Hwy 10 through Cushing with two J-turn intersections at Morrison Co. Rd. 16 and Co. Rd. 11.

Project map
Hwy 10 Cushing. Select image to enlarge

Summary of work

  • Reconstruct Hwy 10 access with a J-turn design at:
    • Morrison Co. Rd. 16/260th St.
    • Co. Rd. 11/Bison Ave.
  • Close median crossovers
  • Lengthen right turn lanes
  • Add pedestrian crossings in the medians
  • Install overhead intersection lighting

All MnDOT projects must include evaluation to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Learn more about MnDOT's plan to comply with the ADA.

Specifics for this Hwy 10 project

  • Install pedestrian crossings in the medians

J-turns are driving movements proven to reduce serious and fatal crashes caused by “T-bone” crashes at intersections. When using J-turns, drivers focus on one direction of traffic at a time. Learn more about J-turn benefits in Minnesota

How to navigate illustration
Hwy 10 J-turn design illustration in Cushing. Select image to enlarge

How to use J-turns

  1. Stop and yield to vehicles in both lanes to your left
  2. Crossover into the lane in the median
  3. Yield to vehicles in both lanes to your right
  4. Make a U-turn and head towards your destination
  5. Either continue through the intersection or turn right

None scheduled at this time.


  • Public open house held at Bethany Lutheran Church of Cushing Mon, Feb. 5, 4:30–6:30 p.m.

Jenna Fabish
Project Development Manager