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Hwy 114 - Lowry

Lowry to Hwy 28

Project details

Map of Hwy 114 project from Lowry to Starbuck.
Hwy 114 - Lowry to Hwy 28

Highway 114, from Lowry to Starbuck, is expected to be in poor condition by 2024, increasing the resource needs from maintenance. The sidewalk and pedestrian ramps in Lowry are currently noncompliant and will be replaced as part of this project.
The project will include placing new sidewalk and ramps on the west side of Highway 114 and between Cherry and Maple Street in Lowry.

Key project elements

  • Reconstruct Highway 114 from the Highway 55 intersection to County Road 28 in Lowry
  • Resurface Highway 114 from County Road 28 to Highway 28 in Starbuck
  • Replace storm sewer in Lowry and culvert replacements
  • Tree removals in Lowry due to powerline and sidewalk conflicts, or age and decay

Project impacts

  • Detour
  • Daily lane closures

Detour map for Hwy 114 between Lowry and Starbuck. Detour follows Highway 55 and Highway 29.