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I-90/Hwy 52 interchange reconstruction

Olmsted County

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About this project

Summary of work

I-90/Hwy 52 interchange project map
I-90/Hwy 52 interchange project map

Construction is scheduled 2024-2026 to make changes to the I-90/Hwy 52 interchange to improve safety and reduce delays.

  • 2024: Construct temporary crossovers and begin new ramps and loops
  • 2025: Construct new eastbound I-90 bridge, flyover bridge over Hwy 52 and portion of new ramps and loops
  • 2026: Construct new westbound I-90 bridge and remaining portion of new ramps and loops


A new feature, a flyover ramp, for southbound Hwy 52 to eastbound I-90, will solve several problems:

New ramps will reduce the run-off-the-road crashes:

  • Changing the angles will allow for better, more controlled entrance/exit
  • Lengthened accelerations lanes will also improve conditions

The bridge replacements will allow for:

  • Relocation of the bridge piers that block the view of on-coming traffic
  • Improved bridges that will last another 60 years or more

Proposed changes at interchange
Improvements at I-90 and Hwy 52 interchange

Traffic impacts

No current traffic impacts. Future impacts include:

  • Single lane traffic on I-90
  • Ramp detours for certain interchange ramps while the new ones are constructed
  • Temporary lane closures and traffic shifts on northbound and southbound Hwy 52