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Highway 65 Reduced Conflict Intersections & Turn Lane Improvements

Spring Lake Park, Blaine, Ham Lake, East Bethel


Hwy 65 Access Management Study completed

MnDOT completed a study on Hwy 65 between just north of Bunker Lake Blvd. in Ham Lake and 245th Ave. N. in East Bethel. The study was conducted in cooperation with Anoka County, East Bethel, Ham Lake and the Metropolitan Council. Information from the plan was used to develop an access management plan. Improvements identified in the study will provide lower cost improvements to improve safety and manage congestion in the Hwy 65 project area. It also will guide decisions on future access changes and access locations in the study area.

Safety issues

Seven of Minnesota’s “Top 200” crash intersections from 2012 through 2014 are on Hwy 65 through Ham Lake and East Bethel:

  1. Constance Blvd (#51)
  2. 237th (#54)
  3. 181st Ave. (#70)
  4. Crosstown Blvd (#78)
  5. Bunker Lake Blvd (#95)
  6. Viking Blvd (#163)
  7. Sims Rd (#145)

Potential solution: Reduced Conflict Intersections

Improved safety

  • Studies show a 70% reduction in fatalities and a 42% reduction in injury crashes

Economic benefits

  • Good access to local businesses
  • Smaller footprint than an interchange or larger intersection designs
  • Peak period travel time savings
  • Fraction of the cost of building an interchange

Decreased delay

  • Reduce delay at signalized intersections
  • Requires fewer signal phases

Next steps

Hwy 65 and Viking Blvd will undergo further analysis to determine the feasibility and benefits of improvements to this corridor. MnDOT will:

  • Consider non-signalized reduced conflict intersections
  • Prioritize proposed projects
  • Begin public involvement
  • Finalize Access Management Plan
  • Identify funding opportunities