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Highway 65 Reduced Conflict Intersections & Turn Lane Improvements

Spring Lake Park, Blaine, Ham Lake, East Bethel

Project area updates

We see a reduced conflict intersection, or J-turn intersection, at highway 65 and Viking Boulevard with no right turn on red light from Viking Boulevard to highway 65.
Hwy 65 and Viking Blvd. project location map.
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Several crashes occurred at the Viking Blvd./Co. Rd. 22 RCI intersection in spring and summer 2020, and some are still under review by the State Patrol. In the meantime, MnDOT engineers are reviewing all available historical crash data to identify patterns, and are taking short term steps to enhance safety of the intersection. MnDOT continues to work closely with law enforcement, the City of East Bethel and Anoka County to understand the community’s needs and concerns. For the most current information about this intersection, and for additional educational information, bookmark and visit this project website and/or sign up to receive email updates.

Safety improvement

Completed work

August 5, 2020

There will be no turns on red allowed from either lane for motorists turning right from Viking Blvd. to Hwy 65. All traffic traveling on Viking Blvd. will now be required to stop at the traffic signal at Hwy 65 and wait for the light to turn green. When the light turns green, motorists can make a right turn, and then proceed through the reduced conflict intersection (RCI) to complete their turn. Although motorists may not make a turn on red from Viking Blvd., they will still be able to turn on red at the U-turns on Hwy 65.

Preview the new signage and how to safely drive through the intersection

Project complete

About this project

Construction of Reduced Conflict Intersections (RCIs) and turn lane improvements will improve safety and mobility on the Hwy 65 corridor between 85th Ave. in Spring Lake Park and Sims Rd. in East Bethel. As the first signalized RCI in the Minnesota it is eligible for a Federal Accelerated Innovation Deployment grant.

Summary of work

  • Built a double left turn lane on the ramp from WB Hwy 10 to SB Hwy 65 in Blaine
  • Lengthened the left turn lanes at:
    • 85th Ave.
    • 99th Ave.
    • 105th Ave.
    • 109th Ave.
    • 117th Ave.
    • Andover Blvd.
    • Constance Blvd.
    • Crosstown Blvd.
    • Sims Rd.
  • Constructed signalized RCI at:
    • Viking Blvd. (Co. Rd. 22)
  • Constructed non-signalized RCIs at:
    • 169th Ave. N.E./Flamingo Dr. N.E.
    • 143rd Ave. N.E.
    • 181st Ave. N.E.
    • 153rd Ave. NE
    • 157th Ave.
    • 187th Ave.

MnDOT has set aside additional funding for an RCI at Hwy 65 and Klondike Dr. N.E., East Bethel in 2021.