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Highway 52 Lafayette Bridge, I-94 and I-35E

St. Paul

Please take our survey to share your thoughts on possible road designs for a new interchange at Hwy 52 and I-94 east of downtown St. Paul.

About this study

Lafayette Bridge in St. Paul study location map

Lafayette Bridge study location map.

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The study area is located at the interchange of NB Hwy 52 and its exit ramps to I-94 and East 7th St. as well as the WB I-94 exit ramp to NB I-35E.

The new Lafayette Bridge opened in 2015. While traffic volumes have remained relatively stable over the pre- and post-bridge construction years, the crashes on Hwy 52 have almost tripled. The safety and capacity of this area is a visible public issue that needs to be addressed. The key issues appear to be lane imbalance on NB Hwy 52 and weaving on WB I-94 between the NB Hwy 52 and I-35E ramps.

MnDOT updated pavement markings on the Lafayette Bridge in 2020. Additional lane guidance and congestion signs were installed on NB Hwy 52 in late 2021/early 2022.

Summary of work

The initial part of this work will consist of reviewing existing operations to determine the project purpose and need. An initial evaluation is needed to determine if additional changes could provide temporary relief for the area until a full or partial solution can be constructed. MnDOT also will work with the public and other stakeholders to determine plans to address those needs.

This study will provide MnDOT with ideas and proposals to improve safety and traffic flow in the Hwy 52/I-94/I-35E Interchange area. The study will identify the current issues, determine potential solutions to address those issues and evaluate those solutions.

Note: This study will not include replacement of the existing Lafayette bridge over the Mississippi River or any structural changes to the bridge.