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Projects completed in 2023

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Hwys 1–9

Hwy 1 and Hwy 169 — Mill and Overlay

Resurfacing about 6.8 miles of Hwy 169 and Hwy 1 from Pike River Bridge through Peyla to Hwy 135 near Tower

Hwy 2 — Cass Lake multi-use trail

Construct multi-use trail along Hwy 2 in Bena

Hwy 2 and Hwy 194 — Saginaw

Construct a roundabout at the intersection of Hwy 2 and Hwy 194 in Saginaw

Hwy 7 — Lester Prairie

Construct roundabout at the intersection of Hwy 7 and McLeod County Road 1

Hwy 9 — Barnesville to I- 94

Resurfacing, turn lanes, utility replacement, sidewalk improvements, trail, bicycle & ADA accessibility upgrades

Hwy 9 — New London

Install safety improvements for drivers and pedestrians.

Hwys 10–19

County Road 10 bridge over Hwy 65 — Spring Lake Park

Deck and joint repaired, painting and resurfacing of County Road 10/Mounds View Boulevard bridge over Hwy 65.

Hwy 12 — Bridge replacements, west of Benson

Replace the bridges at Chippewa River, Cottonwood Creek and County Ditch 3.

Hwy 13 — Montgomery

Resurface Hwy 13 through the City of Montgomery; construct at roundabout at the intersection with Le Sueur County Road 28

Hwy 14 — New Ulm to Nicollet four-lane expansion

Construct a four-lane divided highway from New Ulm to Nicollet (12.5-mile segment) and bypass the city of Courtland

Hwy 14 — Rochester to Byron

Evaluate 3 intersections in the Hwy 14 corridor for modifications to improve safety between Rochester and Byron.

Hwy 15/60 — Madelia

Concrete pavement overlay for about 7 miles from the Hwy15/Hwy60 interchange south of Madelia to the Hwy15/Hwy60 interchange north at Madelia.

Hwy 15 — Lewisville

Approximately nine miles of Hwy 15 from Martin County Road 54 to the south interchange of Hwy 15/Hwy 60 will be resurfaced in 2023.

Hwys 20–29

Hwy 21 — Jordan

Constructed a roundabout at Hwy 21 and Sawmill Road/Old Hwy 169 and built trails to connect to existing trails.

Hwy 22 — Mapleton to Wells

Resurface Hwy 22 from approximately a quarter of a mile south of Mapleton to the north city limits of Wells, including the Hwy 22/Hwy 109/Faribault County Road 29 intersection

Hwy 23 — North Gap

Expand Hwy 23 to four lanes from Paynesville to Richmond.

Hwy 23 — Willmar

Construct a diamond interchange at Hwy 23 and Kandiyohi Co. Rd. 5

Hwy 24 — Annandale

Construct roundabout at Hwy 24 (Park St. E) and Hemlock St. to improve school and healthcare access. City led.

Hwy 29 — Chippewa River bridge replacement

Replace bridge over the Chippewa River, north of Benson

Hwys 30-39

Hwy 30 — Chatfield

Two Hwy 30 bridges will be replaced

Hwy 34 County Road 29 to County Road 46 west of Osage

Reconstruct Hwy 34 from west of Osage to west of Park Rapids.

I-35 southbound resurfacing — Steele County

Resurfacing road, installing weigh in motion and road weather information system

I-35W — Bloomington

Resurfaced I-35W with additional lanes added between 98th St. and 106th St. Four intersections received improved ramps, sidewalks and signals.

I-35W — Minneapolis

Crews built six stormwater storage tanks east of northbound I-35W between 40th St. and 42nd St.

I-35 — Harris and North Branch

Pavement resurfaced on I-35 from Hwy 95 to north of the Harris exit/County Road 1B.

Hwy 36 and Fairview Avenue — Roseville

Rebuilt and realigned the ramps and loops at Hwy 36 and Fairview Avenue in Roseville. Relocated signals to improve traffic flow on northbound Fairview Avenue to the mall's west entrance. Improved drainage along the new alignment. Reconstructed sidewalk to improve accessibility.

Hwy 36 and Hamline Avenue — Roseville

Installed new, upgraded signal system at the intersection of Hwy 36 and Hamline Avenue. Updated sidewalks and crossings to meet ADA requirements.

Hwy 38 — Bigfork

Resurface Hwy 38 through Bigfork, from Rajala Mill Road to County Road 14; curb, gutter and sidewalk work

Hwys 40-59

Hwy 41 — Chaska to Chanhassen

Resurfaced Hwy 41 and made additional improvements along the highway between Pioneer Trail and Hwy 5.

Hwy 43 — Winona

Reconstruction of .5 mile of Hwy 43 (Mankato Ave.) from Sarnia St. to south of Hwy 61. Improvements are planned for key intersections along Hwy 43: Sarnia St., Frontenac Dr., Riverbend Rd., Bruski Dr. and Hwy 61/Hwy 14.

Hwy 47 — Isle to Aitkin

Resurface 23 miles of road from just north of Hwy 27 in Isle to Hwy 169 in Aitkin, Aitkin and Mille Lacs counties.

Hwy 52 — Zumbrota to Cannon Falls

The project follows along Hwy 52, from roughly 2 miles south of Cannon Falls and ends at Zumbrota.

Hwy 53 — International Falls

Reconstruct Hwy 53 from Crescent Drive to Fourth Street and on Hwy 11 from the east junction of Hwy 71 to the east junction of Hwy 53 in International Falls in St. Louis County; Complete Streets improvements

Hwy 55/Hiawatha Ave — Minneapolis

Crews resurfaced Hwy 55/Hiawatha Ave. between I-35W and Hwy 62, repaired bridges from Hwy 55 to Seventh Street, Eighth Street to Hwy 55 and SB Hwy 55 over Franklin Ave.

Hwy 55/Olson Memorial Hwy — Minneapolis

Installed new temporary pedestrian safety features at various locations along Olson Memorial Hwy (Hwy 55) between N. 7th Ave. and Thomas Ave. N.

Hwy 57 — Kasson

Reconstruction of Hwy 57 in Kasson

Hwy 57 — Kasson

Constructing roundabout at Hwy 57 and 16th St.

Hwy 59 – Slayton

Construct left turn/bypass lane at 29th and 30th St. in Slayton.

Hwy 59 – Marshall

Resurfacing from A St. to H St.

Hwys 60-79

Hwy 61 — Cottage Grove

Pavement resurfaced on Hwy 61 from Hwy 10 to 70th Street.

Hwy 61 resurfacing — Lake City to Red Wing

Resurfacing road, adding passing zone and changing access

Hwy 65 (Third Ave. Bridge) — Minneapolis

The Hwy 65 (Third Avenue Bridge) will get major renovation improvements including a new bridge deck.

Hwy 75 — Hallock

Resurface Hwy 75 and make pedestrian accommodations.

Hwy 75 — Rabbit River bridge replacement

Replace bridge over the Rabbit River, south of Doran

Hwy 75 and Hwy 40 — Madison

Resurfacing and ADA improvements on Hwy 75 and Hwy 40 in Madison

Hwy 77 — Richfield

Built underpass beneath Hwy 77 connecting 77th Street in Richfield to 66th Street; built ramps, built trail, sidewalk.

Hwys 80-99

I-94 — Alexandria

Interchange planning study to develop various concepts to apply for funding and to have approved concepts ready to submit to FHWA for approval.

I-94 and Hwy 27 — Interchange improvements

Interchange improvements near Alexandria, includes construction of roundabouts at eastbound and westbound ramps at Hwy 27 and County Roads 45/46.

I-94 at Stearns Co. Rd. 75 — Collegeville

Repair and resurface the westbound I-94 bridge over eastbound Stearns Co. Rd. 75 between St. John's Rd./136th Ave. (Exit 156) and Stearns Co. Rd. 2 (Exit 160) in Collegeville.

I-94 near Hwy 114 — West of Alexandria

Resurface westbound lanes near Hwy 114, west of Alexandria

Hwy 95 — Stillwater (Lift Bridge pedestrian plaza)

Locally-led construction to improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities on Chestnut Street between Hwy 95 (Main Street) and the Stillwater Lift Bridge.

Hwy 95/St. Croix Trail — Franconia Township

Drainage work beneath the road on Hwy 95 between Hwy 8 and Pleasant Valley Creek.

Hwys 100-199

Hwy 113 — Mahnomen/Norman County Line to Hwy 59

Resurface from Mahnomen/Norman County line to Hwy 59 in Waubun

Hwy 169 — Edina

Constructed a noise wall and made improvements to nearby utilities on Hwy 169 between Valley View Road and Bren Road in Edina.

Hwy 169 — Brooklyn Park to Champlin

Installed 5.5 miles of high-tension cable median barrier and update median guardrail ends between County Road 81/Bottineau Boulevard in Brooklyn Park and West River Road/Dean Avenue in Champlin.

Hwy 169/Hwy 22/Hwy 99 — St. Peter intersections

To improve safety and traffic flow on the south side of St. Peter, construct dual left turn lanes at the intersection of Hwy 169/Hwy 22 and construct a Restricted Crossing U-Turn (also referred to as an RCUT or J-Turn) at the intersection of Hwy 169/Hwy 99

Hwys 200-299

Hwy 200 — Mahnomen to Roy Lake

Resurface, widen shoulders, improve pedestrian accessibility, and drainage repairs.

Hwy 210 — Box culvert replacements

Replace four box culverts along Hwy 210  in Carlton County.

Hwy 210 and Hwy 73 — Cromwell

Drainage and safety improvements

Hwy 212 — Cologne

Crews repaired approximately 3.5 miles of Hwy 212 as it passes through the city of Cologne and portions of Benton and Dahlgren townships.

Hwy 212 — Sacred Heart

Resurface Hwy 212 with reconstruction in Sacred Heart

Hwy 218 resurfacing — Blooming Prairie to Owatonna

Resurfacing road, constructing new turn lanes/bypass lanes

Hwy 244 — Mahtomedi and Dellwood

Applied a preventative maintenance treatment to the roadway on Hwy 244 from County Road 12/75th Street in Mahtomedi to Hwy 96 in Dellwood.

Hwy 252 — Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park

Safety improvements were made on Hwy 252 between I-694 in Brooklyn Center and Hwy 610 in Brooklyn Park.

Hwys 300-694

Hwy 301 — St. Cloud

Reconstruct road and update underground storm sewer between 15th Ave. SE and Hwy 10; restore the historic retaining wall at the St. Cloud Minnesota Correctional Facility (prison).

I-394 and Third Avenue — Minneapolis

Rebuilt intersection of I-394 and Washington Avenue, reconstructed a portion of North 3rd Avenue and adjacent sidewalks, added left turn lane to Washington Avenue from I-394, rebuilt ramp and signals.

I-494 and I-694 — Woodbury to Oakdale

Installed landscaping on I-694 from 10th Street to I-694/494/94 junction and on I-494 from I-694/494/94 junction to Tamarack Road

Culvert repairs and replacements — Northeast Minnesota

Repair and replace culverts at various locations on Highways 1, 53, 61, 65, 73, 135, and 169 in Itasca, Lake, and St. Louis Counties